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Game was awesome

Ha i got really into this game until my scores got to 672560.2ft loved the medals but i don't know how to get the icarus one. Great game there should be a score board or something but other than that perfect. Good job this deserves all the attention it is getting.

Game was excellent

I like how this game is based more on timing and strategy than mashing buttons, and for once the shield is crucial in beating the game! I personally had no trouble with the game mechanics even the first time I played and don't see why people are complaining. I'd like to see you expand on this idea because there arent enough challenging games on this site. Thanks for making this!

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This game is so epic

I loved this game it was so kick ass the only thing i would change it the normal weapon is way to weak in the higher lvls i got to lvl 11 and if u dont have something that really kicks ass ur screwed cause the zombies are all over the screen and its hard to get to a good weapon without losing

Ver Unique

This game had a really cool atmosphere that made it very addicting. The concept of a trinity attack was a very ingenious addition to the game, and what really did it for me was the sounds you used when an enemy was destroyed not to mention how cool the enemies themselves looked! I am now a big fan of all your work awesome game Keep it up!:P
The sperm enemies where annoying btw XD!

Good Idea but retarded deaths?

If u touch a wall u die that doesn't even make sense. not even (I want to be the Guy) does that and that game is pure evil. Make it so u don't die when u touch something that is blunt, i mean come on i understand rocks falling or spikes killing u but not running into a wall....

VERt nice Graphics

But extremely boring there wasn't much to this game very repetitive just because it has nice graphics doesn't mean the game is all that good. All flash no substance. no pun intended

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poxpower responds:

right, well, it IS boxing.
So :p
Check back later, I'll probably update it with more features. Suggestions are welcome.

I played it the first time i understood!

Very cool innovative game and very original, awesome well done keep up the good work!!!?!>!>"!> Thx for one of the only save points i received today! lol looking forward to more from you.

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Very cool

I think the concept and how smoothly the game runs is great, however i had a problem with how many enemies appeared it was a bit overwhelming and turned fom a fast paced point and click shooter to an out of control frenzy of wildly clicking to kill my enemies which took away from being able to enjoy the game. Aside from some glitches this game has a alot of potential, cant wait to see the final product.

i think i got a pretty good score

i scored 937 on my best try so im pretty happy about this game 10/10

Great Game but....

If you would accept my constructive criticism i think it would make your game alot better. First of all there is no indication that is easily spotted to when you are able to pass on to th next room. Secondly the enemies are way to difficult to kill, i know u intended the game to be challenging but it would be less frustrating and more fun to play if you inserted a head shot and body shot system into this game. because I may be mistaken but it seemed to me that no matter where you shoot the enemy it takes an unrealistic amount of ammunition to kill the enemy. 1 shot to the head would make the game more enjoyable;). but the amount of enemies that spawn would balance the 1 hit kill ratio if you also made it easier for them to kill you. But The programming and time you put into this game are outstanding none the less and you have made a respectable game that deserves the score it currently has. In my opinion a few minor tweaks would make this game even better however, keep it up. 9/10 5/5

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