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Posted by F3ARL3SS23 - January 9th, 2009

BItch i got nothing to say

Posted by F3ARL3SS23 - September 29th, 2008

Finally the bleach game PjEskoria and i have been working on is done and will be realased in a matter of minutes if it hasnt been already. I hope you enjoy it seeing as I who am sick of seeing it, think its awesome let me know what u think

Posted by F3ARL3SS23 - June 8th, 2008

Well currently me and PjEskoria are working on our long running emo animation which we just scrapped to replace all of our character models with well drawn ones... Heres a picture of whats coming up hope it catches your interest.

note: these are not the new characters but concept designs! I assure u it will have alot better drawings. Tell me what you think or what could be improved on or if u have an ideas on how to torture these emos!

Emo Animation in Progress

Posted by F3ARL3SS23 - April 3rd, 2008

Perception is everything; I found it interesting when I called someone jokingly "crazy" when we were talking about someone who was acting strangely and my friend looked affronted and responded with the phrase "perception is everything". This got me thinking about perception and how it makes us perceive things. I might sound unusual in my actions but I have done research and come up with the following conclusion Perception is how we see the what is happening around us. It is the image we have of everything around us. Suppose you are sitting in a crowded bus, and you look around you, you observe the passengers and from their attitudes, appearance, and mannerisms, you contemplate information to form an opinion about them. The opinions you ascertain might be far from the truth and in most cases are, but unless and until you know them personally you cannot know what "is" the truth or what they "really" are like. With the information you learn from the people around you, you unconsciously filter it and approve or disapprove of it, depending on your morals and individual beliefs of what society dictates what you are to believe. At times I feel like, or I sense, that I am being judged simply because I fit into previously held preconceived notions of some people. People have the tendency to stereotype, and they do this too involuntarily because of previous experiences or because of what the society wants them to believe.

Posted by F3ARL3SS23 - March 24th, 2008

THAt ANimaion was complete bullshit@! do u see the rating it has 4. something, for that P.O.S because it got front page!? And i am assuming so just because it had brawl in it. God damn what is wrong with u people, just because there is a product that u like in an animation doesn't mean u should give a fairly poorly animated one any praise. there are actually more original animations that didn't make front page that are better than this P.O.S believe it or not!!!! maybe you should watch those instead of just going to the front page and voting on the ones already there. Just cause they are on the front page doesn't mean that they are necessarily the best. Remember new grounds admins just pick the ones they like and stick them up there, and people who visit new grounds usually only watch and vote for the animations on the front page. My point is appreciate original and well animated projects and not some shitty animation that you lworship just because it has some video game that you acknowledge as being good in it. If thats not the reason that you voted 5 for that disappointing disgrace for an animation, tell me what it your so called "reason" and maybe i will change my mind to your stance on the subject> if its a valid point...., I have yet to hear 1 good reason from an objective standpoint.... Let me know what u think!>!>!BRAWL IS HERE SHITTY ANIMATION OR MASTERPIECE (Def shitty animation to my knowledge)